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UK Recruiting Video Production

Corporate Video

I was asked to do a small Corporate Video clip representing the industry UK Recruiting Limited works in. We met a few days before the shoot to discuss the images they were after. From that we built a Story Board and presented it to them for approval. It was a hit straight away. And so we booked a couple of building sites around London to do our filming. We knew we could film everything in one day but we had to be organised as we can’t really stop the building work for too long.

The Company, www.ukrecruitingltd.com, works in the recruitment field and they concentrate in the building construction industry. They gave me a fairly simple brief, let’s do building sites where we have our recruits in but also show the people interaction between the company and the work force we provide. As the video clip was to be used for their website, we couldn’t have a three minute clip either. so just about a minute then to keep it dynamic and attractive. No pressure there! It was a great day and everything fell into place. Light was good which in London is never guaranteed. People were in their posts as we requested. Props were ready and with the help of our Editing department (thanks to Diego) we got a whole day’s filming session into a minute more or less.

The actors had to do a couple of takes here and there to beat the nerves of being in front of the cameras but it all worked out great in the end. If you ever need a Corporate or a fashion video, come and talk to us.