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Kara’s Yoga

Yoga and Fitness Video and Photo Production


This is Kara, a Yoga teacher originally from my home Town Henley on Thames, but now based in Central London. I worked with her a few weeks ago and it was a great experience.

Initially, she wanted to do a corporate photo shoot, consisting of a few portraits of her in her Hammersmith studio. But by the time we met, it was clear to me that we should do a more lifestyle shoot and introduce video too.

The Photos

First we concentrated on the photographic side. She had one of her members to help us create some shapes. Once we set up lights, it was time to decide how much exercise I was going to make them do. Yes, I was going to milk this opportunity and they kew it.

The day was really sunny, so I decided to combine the outside lighting with the ones I had inside. The look had to be fresh.

We must have spent a good couple of hours shooting a few poses while they were opposite to each other, as it was important to show how the work was done. This gave the images a graphic look I was very happy with.

Also, I wanted to show the social side of going to Yoga classes. And, most of all, the human interaction, which in today’s busy world it seems to be more difficult to achieve.

The Video

Finally, I produced the short video introduction. And since Kara was all about freshness and spontaneous charm, I asked to improvised her lines.

We set it up outside just to make it more natural. Karen, the assistant for the time, was in charge of the microphone. She did great. Eventually, after a couple of takes, we got it just perfect. It was a wrap!. short but just what she was after.

It was great fun doing this shoot.


UK Recruiting Video Production

Corporate Video

I was asked to do a small Corporate Video clip representing the industry UK Recruiting Limited works in. We met a few days before the shoot to discuss the images they were after. From that we built a Story Board and presented it to them for approval. It was a hit straight away. And so we booked a couple of building sites around London to do our filming. We knew we could film everything in one day but we had to be organised as we can’t really stop the building work for too long.

The Company, www.ukrecruitingltd.com, works in the recruitment field and they concentrate in the building construction industry. They gave me a fairly simple brief, let’s do building sites where we have our recruits in but also show the people interaction between the company and the work force we provide. As the video clip was to be used for their website, we couldn’t have a three minute clip either. so just about a minute then to keep it dynamic and attractive. No pressure there! It was a great day and everything fell into place. Light was good which in London is never guaranteed. People were in their posts as we requested. Props were ready and with the help of our Editing department (thanks to Diego) we got a whole day’s filming session into a minute more or less.

The actors had to do a couple of takes here and there to beat the nerves of being in front of the cameras but it all worked out great in the end. If you ever need a Corporate or a fashion video, come and talk to us.

Recruitment Company Photo Shoot


I got contacted by this Recruitment company who were looking to have some video and photography done for their website. The work meant spending quite some time in construction sites as that was their sector. Filming between moving machines was fun but challenging at times. While shooting video one would get really involved in the image in front of me, not aware of other machines and trucks coming my way from behind. It was a nice change to the usual corporate portrait done indoors. The video is being edited and I will be uploading it soon.


Abasto. A day in an Argentine shop in London


















_mg_4005I had the joy of being invited to do a shoot in this fantastic shop in the heart of London. An Argentine shop selling traditional produce, products and wines. I got to shoot the interiors, some of their most recognizable products and foods served at the shop. You can go there just to find your favorite delicacies, sit down for a coffee or do some wine tasting. I could have carried on shooting as every corner was a gem to be discovered. This is just a small selection of images from the vast amount of shots we manage to get in one afternoon.

Million Dollar Listing NY






A while ago I got commissioned to do a corporate portrait of Antonia Watson, A NY Realtor working with some of the most expensive properties in New York. She was in London to open compare the UK market to theirs. I find out recently that she’s been appearing in a TV program called “Million Dollar Listing NY”. Here are some of the shots we did.

Corporate Portraits . UK Photography




I had the chance to get to shoot a more natural kind of Corporate Portrait with this client. They wanted me to combine the natural light from the London skyline with a clean cut image of themselves. They were really happy with the results











These Corporate images were taken for Supranatural Hotels. They wanted a neutral background adding some character with the lighting.





These Corporate shots were taken in Central London for Private Equity Africa Magazine, who were writing an article on some great Corporate Buyout. Amazing what one can achieve when they just give you 15 minutes to set up and shoot.